Amor Vincit Omnia – Sense8 Finale

Sense8 is one of the greatest sci-fi/adventure/action series ever. It is also the greatest LGBT story ever told (at least to my knowledge). The Wachowski sisters proved once again that their amazing movie and story telling skills are phenomenal.

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Sarah Small’s Tableau Vivant

An amazing work of multi-media art by Sarah Small. I find it hard to absorb with the intellect, but it has a strong visceral impact. The music is minimal, stirring and inspired. The nudity does not arouse one’s lust but rather, as in other great works it stokes our sense of wonder and elicits admiration. Truly inspiring, and hard to praise enough with words. I just posted this little paragraph in order to make more people aware of this amazing multi-media piece.

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Echad Mi Yodea

This is a piece performed by the Young Ensemble of the BatSheva Dance Company. It is set to a great arrangement of a Traditional religious song, but the choreography is unprecedented as far as I can tell. I have watched it at least ten times and I still do not understand it. I guess it is one of those things that are transcendental and not to be understood with the intellect, but absorbed into our intangible essence. This clip is transliterated and translated into English so the subtitles take away some of the impact. Still, I thought that non-Hebrew speakers should have an idea as to what it is all about. There are some un-subtitled versions on youtube and they can easily be found under this title. Bottom line: it blows me away every time I watch it.

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No More Day’s Inn

Last week I went to visit some friends in Lawrenceville GA. 10 days earlier I made a reservation at some fleabag hotel. When I got there at 10:30 pm on the appointed day, they gave me a smoking room which was totally unacceptable. Sat in the car with my phone and fired up No problem- found a room at a Day’s Inn 2 minutes away.

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Black Panther

Two thumbs down!

I went to a movie theater to see this one. The teaser or trailer as they sometimes call it had Gil-Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in it. I did not know anything about the comic and I was wondering if it had anything to do with the American Black Panther Party of the 1960’s and 70’s. My daughter told me that it was very much influenced by it. I was excited and I could hardly wait for it to hit the theaters. I was captivated by the concept from get go – great idea, great CGI’s or whatever they call them and some good action. Not so good that the guy who wanted to help the world got killed and his son became the villain. Anyway, I kept waiting for the dramatic Continue reading

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Later for Scotch and Cognac Crooks!

cognacsI’ve been bitching and moaning about this for a while now. Check out my post at The Civil Gripe . There is. however some light at the end of that tunnel, so here’s where I’m at nowadays. Continue reading

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In the Eye of the Beholder

Mr. Llime is once again turning his writer’s craft as well as his childish mind in a sexual direction. The stories in this collection are no less eclectic than the ones n his previous volume. We are treated to inventions about the Japanese auto industry, fantastic shenanigans in the Mile High Club, alternative after-life scenarios, strange military training, rousing cooking competition events and other such unusual settings for sexual play. Though some of the stories have quite pedestrian settings, others are happening purely in the realm of fantasy. There are also a couple of Sci-Fi entries that postulate unlikely but possible future events.

So, even though the events happening to Timmy the Timid are absolutely absurd and (at least partially) unbelievable. the story is quite enjoyable. A man turning into a parrot is also quite fantastic, but once again, good solid story.

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The Signature of All Things

One of my daughters has recommended this book to me. Having some knowledge of my literary tastes, she was sure that I would love it as much as she did. At first I had to agree that Elizabeth Gilbert was a very talented writer.


This is how the Prologue opens:

Alma Whittaker, born with the century, slid into our world on the fifth of January, 1800.

What a promising first sentence!

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20th Century Women

So, as Mr. Llime was out of the country for a few months, no one was here to crack the whip, so I forgot all about his reviews. Apparently, the other guys (or rather guy, cause I think he made one up) didn’t write anything either. Ernie’s whole idea was to get together a review site in order to promote his writing. Now, does this guy love to write. The problem is that he lacks focus. He has not published anything in over a year and when I asked why he stopped writing he gave me a short barking kind of laugh:

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Broken Slave by Savannah Hill

Book two of the Bound in Bloodlust series. I have not read the first one yet, but the story stands on its own and it looks like the books can be read out of sequence as well. My impression was of a story that took some elements of the Twilight Saga and merged them with Ann Rice (circa Lestat) sensibilities. Savannah added a lot of dark passionate sex to the mix creating a fast and arousing story of uncontrollable desires. As in a classic Greek drama, the main characters are flawed and week, even when they are, like Nathan arena Gods. There is no background story about the bloodlings, but that does not detract from our fascination. Some of the events in the plot seem to be a continuation of previous incidents, but that only made me feel like I should read the prequel (Unchained Lust.)

I was trying to get a leg up on my lagging workload, so I started reading this one around midnight. Strangely enough, I just couldn’t stop and had it all finished by 2 am. Definitely, a fast paced, page turner and I am expecting an equally well done sequel.

The kindle and paper versions of Broken Slave and Unchained Lust can be found at

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