Woodstock: R.I.P.

Earlier this evening, my wife was watching Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation on PBS. I have always been fascinated by that festival and sad that I could not attend it. Of course, I sat down and started watching with her. About ten minutes into the show, some guy started talking about the number of bare breasts that he saw. And then, the pictures came on – visually censored. This was so sad that I told my wife that I couldn’t watch that censored shit. She told me it was PBS, of course, it was censored and if I wanted X rated images I should look for them on the web. It is so sad that she did not understand my point. Breasts or any other parts of the human anatomy cannot be forbidden by any government with any kind of imaginary morality.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of that monumental festival. There was going to be a major celebration commemorating that. The venue canceled, the producers quit and the management or whomever just left. After seeing that ridiculous 10 minutes of a fake documentary, I have to ask this question: Is it a coincidence? 50 years after a president who was impeached, we are steered by another one who should be.

I reside in New York State, a state that seems to be opposed to the current leadership. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, but I have to ask myself, how much freedom does this state allow its citizens. I mean even Texas has a nude beach. Texas? What happened to New York the proclaimed bastion of freedom and human rights? Or for that matter of fact New Hampshire: Live Free or Die?

I have admired the hippies for the changes they tried to make in our society. I thought that they have made some kind of impact. It is so sad to realize that I was wrong. I wish I had the courage to walk out of my house tomorrow morning wearing nothing but a frown. Sadly, I do not – R.I.P. – old hippy in me.

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