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My pen/stage name, Llime, has somehow crystallized from a variety of sources (The Third Man - Lyme's Disease and some other fictional characters - also Lime, with one L, was already in use on the web.) I have been using it for quite a while now. My original surname: Leibovitz - had also evolved from other spellings/countries (Lebovits, Leibovici, etc.) In the past, my given name/s generated some confusion amongst my peers, a fact that caused people to come up with all kinds of handles that they could grab me by and always made me think before answering this question: What's your Name? I will eventually put together a little piece about that.

Anyway, Llime Works grew out of that, originally being a GoDaddy reseller site among other things. I used to give away more websites than I sold, but it was all too time consuming and so, I stopped that. I prefer using my time to write. There are a lot of stories that I would like to tell as well as a lot more songs and poems. So, Llime Works is from now on going to concentrate on publishing as well as promoting my works. I have managed to rope in some friends who had too much time on their hands, so one might say that I have a staff of sorts. It is of course a delusion because they actually do not dedicate Llime Works even half as much time as I would like them to. And that's it so far.