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I started working on a Chinese Zodiac album a while ago. This one is a bit long, so I put it out as a separate entity. I also recorded a few different versions changing the names to suit a variety of children who were in my life at the time. It is actually a kind of song/story but that's what I do. I make things up and sing them, read them publish them or eat them. Yeah, I also like to cook once in a while.

Click Petunia's picture to go to the (FREE e-pub) download page for 'Octavio & the Lotus' by N. Pojk (my pen-name for books intended for all ages).
  It's been quite a few years since I stopped working on this project. I didn't realize how many until last week when I played this to my youngest granddaughter who is going to be five this year. I guess I need to record a new version with her name. In the meantime, I am working on a few more animals at her suggestion. So far we've come up with "A Horse's Date," "Rose and Monkey" and "There's a Rooster in the House." A word of warning might be in order here. The completed zodiac album will have some songs like "The Year of the Pig" and "But I'm a White Rat" that will not be quite suitable for children.