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Some Goes Away - English version by Ernest Samuel Llime
Octavio and the Lotus
vol. 1 of the Dougie and Petunia series
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This book is a story within another story. Two youngsters decide to embark on writing a book. Their story focuses on Octavio's son, Nick, who parlays with the elf queen and frees his relatives from being frozen in time. Unfortunately, the elves' malfunctioning border spell sends them to new lands in different eras of time. This book was an enjoyable one with exotic characters. My favorite was the minstrel. I was pleased that he eventually regained his memory. He was a wise character because he knew so many things, like martial arts, how to play the tar, meditation, and languages. I was also surprised that he and Fleur de Lys were a couple. I also really liked the inclusion of so many real historical and cultural events and characters in the story. It was interesting to learn about the Mohicans, slavery and The Underground Railroad, and even martial arts which is a big part of Asian culture. The pictures in the book were an excellent addition. Modern aspects of war such as the unrest in the Middle East and the ISIL group were a good addition. The ending of the book was justified as The Wanderers were able to make it home again. The wedding of Elvis and Lilia was also a nice, celebratory ending.
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Time is My Mignonette
The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again.