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Ernest Samuel Llime - Woodhaven

Don't start me up with that Jewish shit. That famous guy with a cross was Jewish too. Besides, humans do not have enough limbs nor are they constructed in such a way that they can be nailed to a Magen David (David's shield). Makes you wonder if the Jews are actually awaiting an alien Messiah with six limbs and is that why they had to repudiate the one called Christ?

I am an artist. After many years of struggling with the way our social hive is functioning, I have finally achieved this epiphany:
I AM AN ARTIST! and that is that.

My head is filled with new story ideas and new tunes that can go with some of these stories; where there is any space left, it is cluttered with novel inventions and ideas for new ways of employing old artifacts. I look at things and I see new ways of making music, new ways of hinging a toilet seat so that it will not be peed on, new ways of getting strangers to talk to each other when they cross paths on public transportation, new ways of using rosary beads, new ways of selling yarmulkes to the goyim because they need them, new ways of solving armed conflicts and a hundred more new things, but I am an artist!

I need!
What I need is someone who will pay my bills, prepare my meals, heal my ills and keep the fucking taxman off my back.
I need someone who will read what I write, listen  to what I say and hear what I sing.
I need an audience, a manager, a cook, a wife, a bunch of beautiful and well behaved children, a guitar,  a pen, a computer, a recording studio and a stage.
I need to find a better way.
I need a pension, I need social security, I need a grant for the arts, I need the dole, I need a handout, I need a soup kitchen, or maybe I just need to tell everyone to go fuck themselves.

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