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Domino is a little town on the southern shore of Lake Ponchartrain just about a stone's throw away from the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway. The last census put its population at 766 so yes, a very small town. The town's name has nothing to do with the pizza chain. History has it that the town was founded back in 1737 by an Italian/Jewish plantation owner named Leoncavallo Rabinovitz. A week after his father died and left him the plantation, he freed all his slaves. Leon, as he liked to be called, had been having an affair with a beautiful octaroon slave who moved in and managed his household for the rest of his life. He was not fond of managing a plantation so he built himself a nice big house on the Southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain. He sold the plantation and moved into his new house with his creole lover. Zulime, for that, was her name, shared his house and his bed, in the way a wife would, so over the years, they had 2 sons and one daughter. Leon recognized them, as his legal offspring and when he died at the ripe age of 82, he left his house to his oldest son Julius.

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