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In the Eye of the Beholder
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  The new collection by Ender,  In the Eye of the Beholder, is bringing to light more twisted, fantastic and addictive sex escapades. His imagination has not faded, if anything he might be even more far-out than in his first collection.

Read about the new developments at the Ministry of Sexual Congress in the year 2525 - the sexual teaching methods of chef Agri Arista - the weird and extremely sexual after-life musings spewing form the author's twisted mind, and other strange yet strangely arousing incidents.

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Marvin Khchaturia was born in Varna Veche, a tiny village in Romania, to an Armenian father and a Turkish mother. Armenians have never forgotten the Armenian genocide perpetrated by Turks in 1915 when 1.5 million Armenians were murdered systematically. So, besides being the child of two small minorities groups, Marvin is quite an a anomaly.