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Music, Sex and Industry - Vol. 1
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Remo (Re), The Strongest Midget in the World, is the manager and owner of The New Coney Island Vaudeville Sideshow (TNCIVS). Doreen (Do) The World's Tallest Teenager and Michelle, The World's Sexiest Bearded Lady are two of his main attractions. In addition there are Lexiconia, The Human Pretzel, Leu, The Human Seal, Akasha The Snake Charmer, Lahava, The Girls who Plays with Fire, Titania, The Woman with Titanium Tits, Regina The Sensitive, Encyclopedia Stavros and others. The TNCIVS is putting on two kinds of shows: a pedestrian walk-in one by the boardwalk and a private, risqué one by invitation only.

They are joined by The Big C a.k.a. Solomon (Sol) a master illusionist, ex Russian mob doctor, ex member of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Medial Sciences and ex-dissident.

Sol starts The People's Clinic, a place that tries to help those afflicted with cancer. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry so the clinic attracts the unwanted attention of some powerful organizations that attack the free enterprise in various ways.

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