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Music, Sex and Industry - Vol. 2
   Fa, Sol, La, Si Forever, the second installment in the 'Music, Sex and Industry' trilogy will be available later this year. There are new characters, new settings and new twisted sexual encounters. Some of the characters will be quite familiar from the first volume of the trilogy. The focus is however on a new kind of environment.

Sibylla - Si is a Madam with a motivation. The farm that she is running in Nevada provides some of the best sex money can buy. Her group of female sex slaves "see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing but feel everything." Of course that is not true, they tell Si everything.

The information gathered, is sometimes priceless. Someone can be found to pay a lot of money for the secret design of GM's shelved battery. Others will find the results of secret high fructose corn syrup and GMO lab tests equally valuable. When not busy making money, Si doubles as the Earth mother of an alternative witches coven. She wants her girls to learn about the real and true 'Power of Pussy."    

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