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I am thinning my CD collection.
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Since my last band broke up, I have been karaoke-ing a lot. If you like this format and would like to hire my karaoke services, please send an e-mail to:
Of course I am singing lead vocal on all tracks.

Click Petunia's picture to go to the (FREE e-pub) download page for 'Octavio & the Lotus' by N. Pojk (my pen-name for books intended for all ages).

Max's backpack
Click the eagle's beak on Max's backpack to go to the (FREE e-pub) download page for 'Clan Santiago' by Emma Felice Ramsey & N. Pojk. My granddaughter Emma was 7 when we started this project. The eagle on Max's backpack explains why he was carried away by a mama eagle.
I wrote most of these except: Jolie Louise by Daniel Lanois and She Loves the Jerk by John Hiatt. The lyrics for Ray of Hope are by Shimon Peres. I am singing on all the tracks and playing all the instruments.