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Son de Negros en Cuba - Compay Segundo
Clan Santiago
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Clan Santiago, stories by N. Pojk and Emma Ramsey


My granddaughter Emma sees me writing a lot. I write in my home studio where she likes to come and bang on my Yamaha keyboard or strum one of my guitars when she visits. Sometimes she comes and asks about the story I am working on and offers advice. On this particular occasion, she decided that she would like us to write a story together. She supplied the title, the names of some of the characters, and the main plot. She also insisted that she needs to type the story. Of course, I let her. It took her a while but I explained to her how Grammarly points out errors and she was thrilled.  She managed to type the first two chapters before her mom showed up and she had to leave. On two other occasions, we discussed the story, but I have to admit that I couldn't just leave it alone.

Clan Santiago's origins are obviously Cuban so I couldn't resist Federico Garcia Lorca's lyrics to Son de Negros de Cuba (lots of Santiago in it). so here it is sung by  Compay Segundo You can see and hear him perform his music in the 1999 movie Buena Vista Social Club.  He was 92 at the time and still going strong     

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