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Spiritu-Philo-Mystical Essays page 15 Ernest Samuel Llime
THE GOLDEN RULE - page 2 of 2

Jesus died for somebody else's sins not mine!

I resent the fact that anyone considers me a child, an incompetent, a being incapable of achieving a higher spiritual level, incapable of being taught - so let him do unto others - OTHER THAN ME!

Every time the Evangelists - I mean the ones preaching the bible - get on the subway, I get the shakes. These are the descendents of Torquemada - they are the ones who want to do UNTO ME - unspeakable acts of FAITH to save my soul! They are the descendents of the inquisitors who tortured, mutilated and burned at the stake uncounted multitudes of my spiritual and physical ancestors.

Sometimes, I do feel that I want to do to them what they are doing to me. I want to show them all the atrocities that this GOD of theirs has rained on everyone he didn't like. I want to show them how he made sport of his most devout followers just to prove a stupid point. I want to show them how he  rewarded the cruel and the unjust and how he dealt with the just and the faithful. I want to show the part where he has cast down his opponents and I want to  make them think about war. In HEAVEN as it is on EARTH the victor writes history. You want a good example: show me one WWII ally that got accused of war crimes - you can't huh? I want to open their abominable book and show them where their GOD said that I am just like him in every respect except one: immortality.

Hey - guess who's judging whom when I get there! Lucky YOU - I am not like YOU - I have compassion - I am a HUMAN!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? In it's many variations has been an accepted Christian axiom and it enabled some Christians to rationalize their stupidity and twisted souls into torturing and murdering other human beings. Is has also to my deep regret been the accepted principle of many religions and philosophies.

Please, DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS! - unless they indicate that they want you to - it might be better to do nothing!

Do unto others - my ass.

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