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If you have enjoyed the story of Octavio & the Lotus, as well the one of Dougie and Petunia, perhaps you can buy me a cup of coffee. I will actually use the money to pay for my websites.
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Time is My Mignonette - WIP
vol. 2 of the Dougie and Petunia series
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The Wanderers get home at last. They bring Algoma, Begonia and Elvis. New characters are introduced. Among them:

* Pietro and Piuma - first of the Pietropiuma line.
* Lupo - a monghoul baby.
* Enoch - son of Septimus and thus son of a seventh son.
* Dacia - a pixie.
* Viona - a medical fairy.

Many other characters show up and there are of course going to be a lot of new adventures in other dimensions and in outer space. Time travel will become quite common when some of The Wanderers decide to visit their friends in various time periods..

You may have noticed that I like to start some stories with lyrics of a song I like. I decided to add a player to these pages with the featured song. Hopefully will not get in trouble, but I am currently not charging any money, so it might work.

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Time is My Mignonette
The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again.