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People are usually different from each other. They say that there is something called a norm that tells us how we are all supposed to be. If we fall within a short distance of that norm, they say that we are normal. It is an illusionary kind of line. Nobody is truly normal. The norm is just some kind of averaging of human behavior. If you ask me, I will say that it is a very ridiculous notion. It is however true that some people are so far below the norm that they cannot survive in this world unassisted. Others are so far above the norm that they have trouble relating to what the rest of the world considers normal. Like, going to school, getting a job, getting married, and so on.

Ronit was one of the latter kinds of people. She managed to get through kindergarten and first grade somehow, but by the time she got into second grade, she was having a difficult time keeping up with the much slower children in her class. Actually, she was having a difficult time keeping up with the teachers as well.

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Time is My Mignonette
The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again.