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If you have enjoyed the story of Octavio & the Lotus, as well the one of Dougie and Petunia, perhaps you can buy me a cup of coffee. I will actually use the money to pay for my websites.
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N. Pojk is one of my pen names. I wanted to separate my YA writings from the more adult stuff that I also write. The name comes from Swedish, a language in which En Pojke means A Boy. I sometimes use  the name N. O. Pojk (Nicolai Octavian Pojk)  which might make me Not a boy. I am somewhere in my mid-70s but I haven't quite grown up, so that's it ... and yeah that was me in this picture 70 and some years ago.
Time is My Mignonette
The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again.