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Last Saturday, my cousins came to hang out with us and they wanted to see my project, so we all went downstairs and I explained it to them. My cousin Darcy usually gets bored quickly, so she picked up a flashlight and went to explore. After a few minutes, we heard her scream at the top of her lungs so we all ran to see what happened. She was in the utility room where we have the water and electric meters, the boiler, the water heater, and the fuse box.  She shone the flashlight on the little window and the window was moving. It was like it was made of water and there were waves all over it. My parents had heard the screams and they both ran down to see what happened. They were happy that nobody was hurt so we all went outside to look at the window. At first, we could not see it because some tall weeds were growing in front of it. My father took a spade and flattened them down so then we saw that it was covered in creepy-looking worms. He got an insecticide can and sprayed them. They all died but some were stuck to the window, so he got the garden hose and washed them off.

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Time is My Mignonette
The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again.