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An Interlingual Lexicon of Homonyms - WIP
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I am a polyglot and as such I keep picking up words in languages unknown to me whenever I hear them - especially homonyms of words in other languages that I am familiar with. Some of these homonyms are simply hilarious and I sometimes attempt to find a common root that they can be traced back to, but mostly without any success. When GOD scrambled the language of humans after the Babel tower fiasco she did a good job that only SHE may be able to untangle.

The homonyms are auditory - e.g. Immanuel Kant's last name is pronounced "Cunt" - thus a homonym - spelling is irrelevant. For this lexicon, I am suspending the various inflection modifiers (umlauts, accents, tildes, etc.) I am also ignoring pronunciation variants - accents in different localities are VERY much not the same. Try for example to reconcile the French spoken in Haiti or Louisiana with the French spoken in the Congo or France.

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