Amor Vincit Omnia – Sense8 Finale

Sense8 is one of the greatest sci-fi/adventure/action series ever. It is also the greatest LGBT story ever told (at least to my knowledge). The Wachowski sisters proved once again that their amazing movie and story telling skills are phenomenal.

2 years ago Netflix canceled the Sense8 series in a move that left a lot of fans extremely upset. I was one of them and as a result, I canceled my Netflix subscription. I did not pay any attention to Netflix until a week ago when my niece mentioned that there was a 2 1/2 hour Sense8 series finale. Later that day, I reinstated my Netflix membership and watched the finale: Amor Vincit Omnia.

Interestingly, this happened during Pride Month. I cannot think of a better celebration of LGBT rights, than watching this gorgeously uplifting movie.

So hey Netflix, all is forgiven. This long final episode tied up all the loose ends and satisfied my cravings. I just wish someone told me last year that this was available. Anyway, better late than never and once again many thanks to the Wokowskis as well as Netflix.

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