Liquor Town

Amazing liquor store! I found an extra-fine special Askelon Arak for $18.99 (less than it would cost in Israel where it was distilled) an R. Jelinek Slivovitz for $20.99 (cheapest I’ve ever seen and to cap it all a Butchertown American Brandy that I cannot find anywhere else in Queens.

  1. Askelon Arak is a very popular brand of Arak in Israel and when I visit there I buy a lot of it, but not the extra fine. Last time I was there (in March) I paid about $17 for a 40% ABV 700ml. bottle. This one was 50% ABV 750ml.
  2. R. Jelinek Czech Slivovitz is possible the best in the world. It is as close as one can come to a bootleg Maramureș palinka.
  3. Butchertown American Brandy by Copper & Kings is one of the world’s leading brandies. Mainly, because it is hard to find a brandy, or cognac in the US that states on its label that there are no additives of any kind. Even if you spring for a $3,500 bottle of Louis XIII cognac, you have no guarantee that there are no additives in it, because the French government is allowing them and there is no assurance on the label that there aren’t any.  The Butchertown states it categorically: no boisé and no caramel coloring. So at $49.99, it is a bit more expensive than my other two bargains, but it beats any cognac at whatever price. It is however also 62% alcohol, so imbibe in moderation.


Liquor Town

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