I M America – part 1

Dear Mr. Trump

I have been living in this country for the past 40 years. I was born in Romania where I lived for 14 years after which my parents moved to Israel where I lived for 14 more years. By that time, I had gotten married and my wife, who grew up in New York dragged me to this country. I guess you might say that somewhat reluctantly, I have become an immigrant’s immigrant. I did not build the railroads nor the skyscrapers, but I was and I guess I still am, skilled with computers. By now it is obvious that computers play a major role in the infrastructure of just about anything so that was of some use. I guess I did fairly well and I am thankful for the opportunities that the United States gave to me.

Obviously, I do not agree with all the crap that you are saying about immigrants, so do not expect me to vote for you. You, yourself just like the large majority of US citizens, are the descendent of immigrants. Makes one question your integrity and your family values. The realistic interpretation puts you in an absurd but very acceptable situation: if you were in charge at the time that your grandparents came you’d have had them deported. That would have been great because it would have gotten rid of the you of today. I assume you’d retort that they came here legally, but we can play this game a bit longer. What about the Mayflower pilgrims and the other first settlers? I have to admit that as much as I disagree with a lot of their actions, if it wasn’t for them, my life would have turned out a lot differently.

So, I am writing this little thing in order to convince others not to vote for you and I have one last but pretty good argument. It started with a few rough years in my life when my marriage was falling apart, for a variety of reasons. It caused me to mismanage my finances and at some point I was forced to declare bankruptcy. For quite a while I was embarrassed by that action and I have to admit that it is still a shameful point in my past. I have since found out that you don’t think it is such a big deal as you had filed for corporate bankruptcies five times, costing your lenders a couple of billion dollars. So, in light of my financial history, I would never consider running for president even if my birth country was acceptable. At a time when the financial situation of the United States is famously less than copacetic, I think that electing a president with a record of jumping out of sinking ships and “The Hell with all hands,” might be a very bad choice. So please:


Ernie S. Llime

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