Lost Girl

Spoiler alert: Some crucial parts of the plot are being disclosed, so do not read this if you intend to watch the series.

I’ve been hearing good things about this series for a while now. Turns out, Netflix has 4 of the 5 seasons available. I started watching and got hooked on it quite quickly. Got my wife addicted to it as well. The concept is great and goes well with the frame of mind I have been in for the past year or so. I’ve been working on a collection of erotic short stories (A Closer Look) that will by published by the end of the month. That followed the first part (Do, Re, Mi and the Big C) of a trilogy (Music, Sex and Industry) that is an meld of action/erotica and what I can only dab ‘blows against the empire.’ Do Re Mi and the Big C is available in Kindle or paperback format at Amazon.com as well as a variety of eBook formats. Anyway, back to this girl. The story of a morally conflicted succubus is great. I just wish the sex scenes were more explicit. Be that as it may the implications are marvelous. She is learning how to control her appetites as well as her powers and ends up having sex with a variety of partners. The major lovers appear to be the trio of Bo (the succubus,) Dyson (a werewolf) and Dr. Lauren (a human.) That is however only the tip of the iceberg – all kinds of platonic, family and filial love is being examined and examined throughout the years. It was actually great, until we came to “End of a Line” – episode 11 of season 4.

I did not watch that one and I am not going to. My wife actually, stayed up one night when I was falling asleep and told me about it the next morning. Hale was dead! It was only a few episodes previously that Hale had finally decided to confess to Kenzie that he was in love with her. Everyone else had known about it for a long time and it was a nice development. So, I went and read a synopsis of the series finding out that Kenzie, another major character who had been around from the first episode, also dies, but may be returned in the fifth season for a few more episodes. O.K. so, I assume that the writer had a good reason for these plot twists, but just so that he  knows, I did not at all appreciate this so fuck you Steve Cochrane and all the rest of the production crew. If it was about money and contracts you could have just sent them to some alternate Universe or made them fall into a charmed 100 year old sleep or something. In that way, they would not need to be paid or whatever and I would still have a reason to keep watching and waiting for them to resurface. I mean, I am still following NCIS mostly waiting for Ziva David’s return. To add insult to injury, Massimo the Druid had survived jumping into a lava pit in a previous episode, WTF?

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