20th Century Women

So, as Mr. Llime was out of the country for a few months, no one was here to crack the whip, so I forgot all about his reviews. Apparently, the other guys (or rather guy, cause I think he made one up) didn’t write anything either. Ernie’s whole idea was to get together a review site in order to promote his writing. Now, does this guy love to write. The problem is that he lacks focus. He has not published anything in over a year and when I asked why he stopped writing he gave me a short barking kind of laugh:

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Broken Slave by Savannah Hill

Book two of the Bound in Bloodlust series. I have not read the first one yet, but the story stands on its own and it looks like the books can be read out of sequence as well. My impression was of a story that took some elements of the Twilight Saga and merged them with Ann Rice (circa Lestat) sensibilities. Savannah added a lot of dark passionate sex to the mix creating a fast and arousing story of uncontrollable desires. As in a classic Greek drama, the main characters are flawed and week, even when they are, like Nathan arena Gods. There is no background story about the bloodlings, but that does not detract from our fascination. Some of the events in the plot seem to be a continuation of previous incidents, but that only made me feel like I should read the prequel (Unchained Lust.)

I was trying to get a leg up on my lagging workload, so I started reading this one around midnight. Strangely enough, I just couldn’t stop and had it all finished by 2 am. Definitely, a fast paced, page turner and I am expecting an equally well done sequel.

The kindle and paper versions of Broken Slave and Unchained Lust can be found at Amazon.com.

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Mia Khalifa

I started this review blog, so that I can write about some things I like. Strong-armed a few others into writing stuff, but it’s mostly a one man show. That is because I have the key – or in this case I’m just the big boss admin. From the start, the idea was to review things we like (meaning things I like.)

Well I really like pussy and so, I was very impressed with the one Mia Khalifa sports between her legs.

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Pleasure, Pain and Eternity

Pleasure, Pain and Eternity gathers to its bosom a collection of poems by Ernest Samuel Llime. As expected, a lot of them are of an erotic nature. Others however range from the whimsical, through the fantastic and all the way to the mystical realms.

Interestingly, he has also gathered some of his song lyrics and again, it is hard to know what to expect. His lyrics are quite close in their nature to his poems and they include quite a lot of references to the Goddess in Her multitude of forms. Other lyrics, like Sinderella and the Shoe Store Clerk can sound jocular and lustful at the same time, while others yet, sing of lust and betrayal and would be quite at home in a country singer’s repertoire.
In general, it is a fun and at times thought provoking tour de force and a fitting companion to his other works.
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I started watching the Showtime series Roadies and enjoyed that a lot. Somehow I forgot the name of the opening band in the second episode. While looking for that name (turned out it is Reignwolf,) I ran across some very unflattering reviews of the show. The most scathing one is by Maureen Ryan, Variety’s chief TV critic. Her main beef was with the sexual assault on the character played by Rainn Wilson (Bryce Newman.) So, though I agree in principle with some of the things she is saying, I think she has totally missed the point. To start with, the entire series is a fantasy that is elevating the real life roady-ing experience up to mostly imaginary heights. Which does not make it Continue reading

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Bionic Lover

Christian’s Bionic Lover sucked me right into the narrative with the very first paragraph. A very well thought out introduction to the events that were to follow. Since the subtitle had introduced it as an Erotic Lesbian Romance, I had a good idea about some of the things to follow and yet I just couldn’t quite stop. The language is so rich and captivating that at times, I was more enamored of the words than their actual meaning and that is not an easy thing to do. The sentences followed each other like pearls on a string and some of what they were saying reminded me of friends and long gone events, in other countries and other times.

I am a hetero male, and like most of the ones sharing my demographic, fascinated with lesbian encounters.  Holding my breath, I kept waiting for that double female scent to emanate from my screen and envelope me. When it did occur, I was not disappointed. The strength of the encounter and the way it was depicted got me very excited. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was not alone in the house, so there was nothing I could about it. I thought that perhaps I should continue reading later on, Continue reading

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A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology

Ernie had sent me a copy and asked me to review it when I got a chance. One of his stories had won a contest of some sort and was published in it. StarkLight Press is a small but up and coming Canadian publishing house. It was started and is owned and managed by Tony Stark. Tony and his wife Virginia Carraway Stark have also contributed two excellent pieces to this Anthology.

Having previously read Ernest Samuel Llime’s novel Do, Re, Mi and the Big C as well as his collection of erotic shorts A Closer Look, I expected his story to be some kind of smutty invention. I checked the table of contents and strangely, his name was printed in bold characters, unlike the other authors’ which were all in Italics. Later on, I mentioned that to Ernie and he said that he had contacted the publishers and they will correct that. StarkLight Press invites authors to write on some pre-defined topic or other and the best stories get published. For this one they requested Christmas stories in a Steampunk setting.
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I have waited patiently for Vinyl to start showing on HBO. I mean Scorsese and Mick Jagger, together – wow! The billboards advertising it said “He didn’t see the future, he heard it.” So, it’s been on for a while now – it gets good reviews – but, where is that new music. Not sure how this can happen. If they are supposed to make some kind of new music – even if it is supposed to be new to the 1970’s or something, where is it? Sad to watch a series with so much potential go down the drain. I mean Scorsese is a great director. He didn’t need Mick to come up with these stories, he could have gotten anyone. Mick. however could have come up with some great new music. I wish I could have these old farts read my stuff and listen to some of my music. I could keep the story going while infusing some kind of musical innovation. Oh, I didn’t mean to come across like that. Pick anyone else who is interested in the more musical side of things.

As a last word, I need to say that I am pretty much as old as those two, but I haven’t yet become ossified. Bottom line: if you expect some kind of mob related Scorsese kind of show: keep on watching, you’ll get all of that. On the other hand, if you expected this show to be more musically exciting, don’t waste your time. All I can say at this point is that I have wasted nine hours of my time waiting for a worthwhile musical moment and I do not intend to spend a minute more. So long Vinyl, I hope they snip the rest of your episodes soon, so that I will not be tempted to watch any new ones (LOL – NFW.)

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Do, Re, Mi and the Big C

Do, Re, Mi and the Big C sounds so much like a story about music. Well, it is not. It’s just that Mr. Llime has decided to use these names for his principal characters. Doreen, Remo, Michelle and Solomon are all members of The New Coney Island Vaudeville Show (TNCIVS.) Other than Michelle, the other three have acquired new names at some point or another, mostly to cover their tracks. There are some musical similes, allusions and confusions. e.g.: Solomon is nicknamed the Big C and he is also known as Sol. ‘C’ in Western musical notation stand for the note ‘Do’ and as a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet, it is pronounced ‘S’ thus standing for Solomon (Соломон) as well. In addition to all that the Big C is also a name used by people who do not wish to to use the word ‘cancer.’ Continue reading

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A Closer Look

Each story in A Closer Look by Ernest Samuel Llime depicts what some might call a deviant aspect of human sexuality. This book will teach you what kind of wine goes best with cunnilingus and which kitchen utensils work best for spanking. You will also learn a new kind of C.P.R. that can be performed on the clinically dead as well as how a ghost might get his/her rocks off. While some might call these stories bizarre and preposterous, we can only call them inspired, inventive and solidly assembled.

Llime has a great eye for detail and a gift for descriptive narrative. Each scene is so rich in vivid detail that we can easily visualize the writer pausing between paragraphs to treat himself to a well-deserved stroke or two. To be perfectly honest we were likewise quite tempted, but there was a deadline to be met. What happens after this review is finished, might be the subject for another story.
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