Grandma Did It

There are many great bloggers on tumbler. There are a lot more who are not that great, but I try to avoid those ones. Anyway, I ran across Grandma Did It  and there is something about it that grabbed my attention I mean there are all these pictures of beautiful women from the first half of the twentieth century. A lot of them are nude and a few of them are quenching their sexual thirsts in front of the camera. And yes, of course a lot of them may have eventually become grandmas. The hope that some of them lived to actually see their grandchildren cheers me up. The first half of the previous century was a very difficult time historically and seeing young naked women enjoying their life reinforces my belief in the strength and resiliency of the human

spirit. Alas, my personal family history is filled with doom and gloom. Most of my aunts and uncles, as well as my grandparents, perished in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and I never got to meet them. I have only one picture that my aunts are in and they looked very beautiful and sexy. They were of course fully dressed in fashionable dresses of the late 1930’s. There is of course no way that any of my grandmas did any of the things that the grandmas in this blog are doing.

I am not saying that because I am in some kind of denial, it is just that the way it was told to me, they were both observant Jewish women. Besides, they lived in very small villages in Transylvania, were the neighbors would have never let them live it down.  Still, I’d love to think that they had some kind of fun in their lives before their premature demises. As they each had about six children (I’m not sure about the exact number) I know that they did enjoy carnal pleasures now and then. I assume that some people may consider my previous thoughts akin to blasphemy, but as I am much older than they were when they died, I think it is O.K. to air this kind of thinking.

The horrors of the Holocaust should never be forgotten, but thinking about the six million victims only as doomed martyrs is not enough. I want to think that they were also living breathing human beings some of which enjoyed being naughty once in a while and attempted to live life to its fullest. So many thanks to the blogger who describes himself as: ‘…a middle-aged American male, retired, displaying a moderate level of sanity.’ As one of the characters in one of my books likes to say: ‘Everybody dies, but not everybody lives!’

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