A Closer Look

Each story in A Closer Look by Ernest Samuel Llime depicts what some might call a deviant aspect of human sexuality. This book will teach you what kind of wine goes best with cunnilingus and which kitchen utensils work best for spanking. You will also learn a new kind of C.P.R. that can be performed on the clinically dead as well as how a ghost might get his/her rocks off. While some might call these stories bizarre and preposterous, we can only call them inspired, inventive and solidly assembled.

Llime has a great eye for detail and a gift for descriptive narrative. Each scene is so rich in vivid detail that we can easily visualize the writer pausing between paragraphs to treat himself to a well-deserved stroke or two. To be perfectly honest we were likewise quite tempted, but there was a deadline to be met. What happens after this review is finished, might be the subject for another story.

The goofiness of Crack’O’Dawn’ia is counter-balanced by the sadness of Mommie Dearest while the lustful youth of Panorama Mama’s counter-balances the advanced old age of 100’s protagonist. I could have never imagined that a 100 year old woman could get me so aroused. Ashera, Mark’s Cards and Amy, though truly debauched, are actually beautiful love stories while Cognac Lewinsky and Pu-Shi Bar though somewhat absurd and unbelievable, still manage to get a serious rise out of us. Llime’s craft is such that if you took away the sex scenes, the stories would still stand on their own merit and be well worth reading.

Bottom line: Llime brings the mind of a child, eye of a man and craft of a writer to the exploration of sexual encounters. Keep this book on your night table next to a large box of Kleenex tissues.

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