The Wolf of Wall Street

A few of my friends as well as some acquaintances have recommended this movie to me. I am usually quite reluctant to accept advice about anything from anyone, especially when it involves huge blockbusters. Eventually, I broke down and watched it when I couldn’t find anything else that appealed to me at the time. I have to admit that it is a great movie and I didn’t expect anything less from such a great team. I mean Scorsese and DiCaprio – what could possibly go wrong? The only thing that I can hold against it, is that it took three hours – I did not expect that, so it ran a bit later into the night that I intended. And one more thing, DiCaprio’s character, Jordan tells his dad at some point that his future wife shaves her pubic hair. He then proceeds to tell him that in that particular time period all the women shave. I believe he said ‘no hair of any kind anywhere below their eyebrows.’ I am actually paraphrasing, I do not intend to search for the exact phrase especially since I think this is enough for me to make my point – which is that there are a lot of frontal shots of naked women in this movie and they all have pubic hair.

Having said all of that, I will add that around the time period the movie takes place in, I used to work with people in the advertising industry and some of the scenes depicted are quite familiar to me. Specifically the ones that deal with Quaaludes, cocaine, Valium etc. – I have never thought of sniffing cocaine off of a female’s anus the way Jordan does and I never really got into the drug scene too seriously. I have always been just a heavy drinker but still, I think of all the opportunities that I have missed and imagine that who knows, one of these days …

One more thought before I sum all of this up. I have been told many times that I have the gift of gab and that I should be able to sell anything to anyone. This is actually the reason that I have decided to write this little piece. The Wolf of Wall Street brings back my hesitation over attempting to use my gifts for my own benefit. I have started a few websites that could have made some money, I have a decent stage presence that could have done some of that as well and lately I have self-published my first novel. I keep asking myself if I am doing anyone a service by getting them to buy my stuff, in spite of the fact that I do believe most of it is really good. I guess if I publish this piece on the Oort Cloud Reviews I will be able to read it once in a while, wherever I go, and (possibly) use it as a motivational lesson.

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